May 4, 2012

Eye of the tiger

Once upon a time, apartment 116 girls became apartment 304 girls in a new complex. These girls thought it would be cool to get some new decor to spice up their abode.

So they went to Ross.

There they found the most magnificent (and gigantic) painting of a tiger. More specifically, it is a painting zoomed up on the tiger's face and eyes.

Random tiger painting+college apartment=perfection. (You know you agree.)

Problem: the girl checking them out (well....let's say, "ringing them up") informed them they couldn't hold the painting they had just purchased until they found a kindhearted truck-owning individual who could get it for them. So they hauled it out to the car.

Some of the group had the gall to doubt it would fit. Some were believers

The doubters won.

But our heroes never despaired!

In act of cunning and courage, they placed the giant painting on top of the car. Then they got inside the car, rolled down the windows, and grabbed onto the canvas. Luckily there were four of them.

As expected, they got many smiles, stares, and laughs as they cautiously drove from the parking lot.
As feared, the painting acted like a sail and threatened to fly away.
Flying tigers--go figure.

Avoiding main roads, they screamed their way home (the wood on the canvas dug into their hands as they held the flight-hungry tiger captive). They also may have screamed when they saw cop cars who might have halted their journey.

How did this tale end?

Victory! Yup, we now have a giant tiger painting in our living room. Suhweet.

Wanna know the best part?? Working at the good ol' Assisted Living, I related that story to a lady who lives there. She is very young, but lives there because of a sudden and rare degenerative disease she was hit with. Her life in general is a bit sad and scary in many ways.

But as I hammed up our redneck adventure, she laughed and laughed.
Laughing with her at our ridiculousness secured my opinion that the Tiger was worth every penny and every scream of pain and fear.

I hope I never forget that moment.


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