May 22, 2012

Dotted Lines

Ya know those times when you get little glimpses of life within little parts of life?
Tonight, whilst driving the construction-laden freeway, I started thinkin.

Remember back when you learned to drive? They said that you, to stay on course, don't stare at the road directly in front of the car. Look out into the distant road and you'll automatically adjust your path to stay where you should be.

Seeing the analogy that formed in my mind?

Looking at the big picture will keep us moving forward. Getting caught up in the details of what is going on in the present or immediate future will just get you swerving all over the place. Doesn't mean you stop enjoying right where you are. You just don't stare at it quite so hard ha.

Shrug. Maybe it isn't a perfect analogy. Maybe it isn't even a good one. But right now, I think it would help me if I considered following that logic.


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