Oct 22, 2011

People are awesome

I am surrounded by selfless people! 
They blow my mind everyday.

People at work,
Random people,



Oct 9, 2011

Pocket Full O' Sunshine and Benjamin

Happiness. What a smiley word,eh? :)

Drum-roll for this quote puh-lease:

"Moreover, Gentlemen, is it so evident that happiness, of whatever kind, is the only aim of mankind? 

If it were so, our course would be narrow indeed, and our destination far from elevated.

There is not one single one of us who, if he wished to abase himself, restrain his moral faculties, lower his desires, abjure activity, glory, deep, and generous emotions, could not demean himself and be happy.

No, Sirs, I bear witness to the better part of our nature, that noble disquiet which pursues and torments us, that desire to broaden our knowledge and develop our faculties. 

It is not to happiness alone, it is to self-development that our destiny calls us...."

That, dear friends, comes from Benjamin Constant's writing on liberty (which I came across whilst immersed in my American Heritage studies ha).

And I'd like to add that I think such self-development makes us happy in itself. 

Not everything we work towards we do simply for happiness (when you mean happiness to be a state of pleasure and contentment). Good things can be hard, uncomfortable, even distasteful!

Sometimes the happiness comes along the way while you are developing your self. Sometimes it comes in moments of relief from struggle. 

What makes you happy? (Slash who makes you happy?) Those are good things to put effort into. (Funny that we don't always associate happiness with work, but you become happier when you work at the right things.)

Just thought I'd share this nice tidbit from the 1700's!


P.S. Anyone like Wicked? "Happiness is what happens when all your dreams come true. Well, isn't it?"