Apr 12, 2013

Lotsa Pretty :)

The other night I watched the Life of Pi with my roommates :)
I'll admit I was skeptical before the movie began ha. After seeing the trailer, I wondered how the movie could last more than ten minutes. He gets shipwrecked and he is in a boat with a tiger. How do you stretch that out??

Well, I must say I was thoroughly impressed!!! My roommates and I got really into it haha--yelling and oohing and aahing.

The scenery was gorgeous, astounding. Breathtaking, even! Seriously incredible nature shots.

With this on my mind, and another bike ride up to Deer Creek Reservoir, I couldn't help but think how great this earth is. I feel God through his beautiful world!

I love the sky, I love the mountains, I love trees. Tis all great :)
Pretty nature makes me happy happy happy :)

(Wanna hear another pretty thing I will see today?? The Oquirrh Mountain Temple :) I am going through, and I am not sure I could be more excited than I am at this moment :) :))

Eek! :)

:) :) :)

Apr 7, 2013


I don't think we realize everything that has been done for us.

Sacrifices made, times people held their tongues when we were being dumb, efforts they made to make themselves better.

Makes me want to give everybody the benefit of the doubt, think kindly about everyone. Who knows why they are doing what they are doing. 

It reminds me of a Christmas story! A family was really struggling for money--they literally could not buy any Christmas presents for their young children. To their joy and surprise, someone dropped off a generous supply of gifts on their porch Christmas Eve. 
They went about their days, finding themselves acting kinder to everyone! They had no idea who gave them the presents--what if they were sour or judgmental towards someone who had presented them with an unspeakably wonderful gift?? 

I love that! We really don't know everyone's full story. I have found that the more you know (about circumstances or people!), the easier it is to understand and love people. 

So until you know more...love anyway :) Think the best of people!

Pretty much...I'm feeling really humble today. We all fall short, yet there is so much good going on. Life rocks.


Apr 3, 2013


Hello world!

Can I show you something super pretty?? :) :) :)

This is where I did my homework yesterday :) 
I am in a mountain biking class and for homework we go on an individual ride once a week. --This is the Deer Creek Trail. Lotsa ups and downs but a wide trail so I never feared falling off a cliff :)

Mountain biking is super fun! I'd never done more than road biking before this semester, but I like it a lot :)

Ready for some more super happenings in my life?

General Conference this weekend! (Plus going to Colton's mission reunion--woot!)

Next week I am going to the temple!!!!!!!!!!!! (insert a million happy exclamation marks)

Three weeks from today I will take my last final, which means....
Three weeks and one day from today I will marry Colton in the Salt Lake Temple!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

I feel really great this week. (Which is nice because last week was insanely stressful. I can't remember ever feeling as stressed as I was! Three cheers for school ha)

Luckily I had an awesome weekend to help me recover :) I joined the Kilmer clan in Mesquite for Easter weekend. 

The whole trip was a blast!
-A sweet hike,
-Easter egg hunts,
-pool time,
-and even a stop at a Cove Fort--a pioneer site where our missionary guide instructed Colton's uncle to marry us (complete with a prairie diamond--a bent horseshoe nail ha!)

Who needs Vegas? ;)

Twas great. Super great! :)
This guy may have been my favorite part of the whole adventure ;)
 (I do realize I look slightly stoned in this picture. Sh sh sh. I'm just happy :))

Anyhoo, life is super busy. And super awesome :)