Apr 3, 2013


Hello world!

Can I show you something super pretty?? :) :) :)

This is where I did my homework yesterday :) 
I am in a mountain biking class and for homework we go on an individual ride once a week. --This is the Deer Creek Trail. Lotsa ups and downs but a wide trail so I never feared falling off a cliff :)

Mountain biking is super fun! I'd never done more than road biking before this semester, but I like it a lot :)

Ready for some more super happenings in my life?

General Conference this weekend! (Plus going to Colton's mission reunion--woot!)

Next week I am going to the temple!!!!!!!!!!!! (insert a million happy exclamation marks)

Three weeks from today I will take my last final, which means....
Three weeks and one day from today I will marry Colton in the Salt Lake Temple!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

I feel really great this week. (Which is nice because last week was insanely stressful. I can't remember ever feeling as stressed as I was! Three cheers for school ha)

Luckily I had an awesome weekend to help me recover :) I joined the Kilmer clan in Mesquite for Easter weekend. 

The whole trip was a blast!
-A sweet hike,
-Easter egg hunts,
-pool time,
-and even a stop at a Cove Fort--a pioneer site where our missionary guide instructed Colton's uncle to marry us (complete with a prairie diamond--a bent horseshoe nail ha!)

Who needs Vegas? ;)

Twas great. Super great! :)
This guy may have been my favorite part of the whole adventure ;)
 (I do realize I look slightly stoned in this picture. Sh sh sh. I'm just happy :))

Anyhoo, life is super busy. And super awesome :)


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