Apr 7, 2013


I don't think we realize everything that has been done for us.

Sacrifices made, times people held their tongues when we were being dumb, efforts they made to make themselves better.

Makes me want to give everybody the benefit of the doubt, think kindly about everyone. Who knows why they are doing what they are doing. 

It reminds me of a Christmas story! A family was really struggling for money--they literally could not buy any Christmas presents for their young children. To their joy and surprise, someone dropped off a generous supply of gifts on their porch Christmas Eve. 
They went about their days, finding themselves acting kinder to everyone! They had no idea who gave them the presents--what if they were sour or judgmental towards someone who had presented them with an unspeakably wonderful gift?? 

I love that! We really don't know everyone's full story. I have found that the more you know (about circumstances or people!), the easier it is to understand and love people. 

So until you know more...love anyway :) Think the best of people!

Pretty much...I'm feeling really humble today. We all fall short, yet there is so much good going on. Life rocks.


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