May 15, 2012


This one time...I got hired at Intermountain Healthcare :D
Aaah I am so excited.

At orientation they talked about really connecting with and helping people.
EEP of joy!

Someone there said, "Miracles happen every day here."


So so excited.
(Especially since I get to keep my other job... I really do love my old people) :)

Today really got me thinking.

Life throws a lot of curve-balls.
What if something happened so you or a loved one couldn't do everything you are used to doing? At least not in the way you used to do it?

Not just health-related problems.
All sorts of random things.

So. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger?
Or is there a straw that will break your back? (You metaphorical camel, you.)

One time I heard someone say, "Don't worry so much about the straw that will break the camel's back. Concentrate on making the camel stronger."

I like that. Bring it on, life.


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