May 29, 2012

Castles in the Sky

"Do you ever question your life?"

That line is from the song Castles in the Sky. Tis stuck in my head ha.

Not in an emo way, just in a thoughtful way.

Does life ever seem surreal to you? Like you've taken a step back and you are seeing everything going on around you as if it is a dream or a movie?

I've had those moments come quite a bit lately.

Ha! When I was little, I'd sometimes imagine we were all just characters in some magic book, with someone, somewhere, flipping through slowly.
We just lived out our story on the pages of earth with no true reality.
Funny to think back on :)

Well, now I know this life has a lot more significance than a storybook. Now when moments come that sort of ..detach me from the present I guess..  it is good time for reflection.

Reflections on things like:
Is what I'm doing important?
Is what I'm doing positive?
C/Should I have done something different?
C/Should I be doing more?

(Whoa. I just realized could and should are spelled quite strangely. I had to stare at them for a few seconds.)

I like my life. And I like those moments that come that make me pause.


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