Feb 29, 2012

Fail to Leap

Happy leap day! I'm so excited about it that I don't know what to do to celebrate. Like, really. I want to start a leap day tradition or something but I'm stumped. I'll keep thinking ha.

Wow. I'm utterly inspired.

I just got back from volunteering at Scenic View Academy. An amazing teacher there just blew my mind with this video:

Holy heck, people! People are so incredible. Everybody.

How are you holding yourself back?

Are you too young? Too old?
Too weak? 
Too socially isolated? Too socially pressured? 
Too lazy?
Too ambitious in the wrong areas?
Are you too untalented?
Too ugly? 
Too loud? Too quiet? 

Or did some other insecurity jump to mind?

Stop. Stop right now.

Ok. Nobody's perfect. But all too often we hold ourselves back because we are scared. 
Scared we aren't any good.
Scared we are good enough but aren't strong enough to become that. 

Do you ever fail to leap because you are afraid you won't quite make it?
(Leap. Leap day. Ha! Ok I'm done.)

Seriously though, today was a great reminder for me that we should stop trying so hard to be our own biggest opposition. 

Who are you? Good, and bad, that's ok. Don't stop there.
Bad to good and good to better. 


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