Feb 2, 2012


Isn't it funny how sometimes deep lyrics are exactly what you are in the mood for?
   Other times, those songs seem like they are taking life too seriously and the artist just needs to jam!

Sometimes fun, upbeat music makes you want to smile at life itself!
   Other times it seems silly and superficial. 

What the heck. 
I guess that shouldn't surprise me.
I use the word "sometimes" waaaay too much I just decided. 

Are you ready for this post to get to its point??
Me too :)

But I haven't decided what the point is yet. 

Mebbe I'll just say this: life is a roller coaster of serious/crazy/happy/thoughtful/thoughtless moments.

One day at a time--will that be for better or for worse?

(I feel like I'm singing the same tune every time I blog ha. But, really.)


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