Feb 16, 2012


"It is a sad fate for a man to die too well known to everybody else, and still unknown to himself."
~Sir Francis Bacon

Last year I had a history professor who pointed out that people rarely keep really honest journals/diaries. Then he chuckled and said, "My wife is one of those really honest people in her journal."

That statement has intrigued me ever since. 

Who do we keep a record for?
Our future selves? Future generations?

Sometimes I laugh at the thought that anything I write will be significant to anyone in the future. 
Yet I still hesitate in writing honestly sometimes. 

What if somebody does read what I write?
Part of me thinks that I don't want them to know everything I'm thinking or doing, especially when I confess my faults or confusion so often. Another part of me thinks if I'm not recording my true thoughts/doings, it is useless to write at all.

I've been pretty good at journaling the past year or so. (Great contrast to the rest of my life ha. I have many journals that are about 1/10th full.) 
Wanna a tip for continuing to write? If you get behind, don't try to catch up. You won't. Move on, keep writing right where you are at. Then if you have time, go stick in inserts. 
Otherwise the thought of catching up on everything you've failed to record will overwhelm you and you won't write at all.

Who do you write for? Shrug. Just write.


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