Feb 22, 2012


Today I am just so dang excited about all of the possibilities I have in my life!
Dang excited also = grateful.

Man life is good.

Sometimes I get stuck in a mental rut thinking how busy I am and how I couldn't possibly cram in anything else. Well. I'm deciding whatever it is I'm including in my life.
And I currently love everything I'm including right now.
(Even if my studying/sleeping time could use a little more attention ha)

Where will I be this summer? Utah? West Coast? (Romania??! ;))
--note the double chin that occurs when a smiley is enclosed in parentheses. one of those little random things about life that really makes me smile--
ok. ok. I can't afford to be in Romania this summer. But! Someday, if I really want to go, I can! 

Location is only one thing rolling around in my mind.

Life is what we make it!
Ahem. Did you catch that? We MAKE it.
What do you want to make it into?

Also. Dah! (Scream of excitement: guess what?? My camera is currently stateside!!!)

I feel really spastic right now. If this post is incoherent, ha, ah well.

:) :) :)

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