Mar 5, 2012


Today has been a thinking day.
Some thoughts:

-All of us human beans are so different. We are into such a wide spectrum of things! Wrestling and motorcycle gangs doesn't do it for me. But if that's what you love, right on :)
I've never really felt like I had a real niche in terms of "artist" or "athlete" or "cook" or anything like that. I like to do lots of things. Just not particularly talented or interested enough to be super focused on any area.
That works too I guess.
I have a friend who frequently gives the great advice,
"Just rock whatchyou got." :)

-I was told today that life is about owning your decisions.
For example, I could spend my life on pinterest or facebook or video games or knitting or whatever (I only claim to love some of these ;)). But that isn't just life passing me by. That's a choice.
Face it.
Too scared or bitter or distracted to move forward or change paths? Understandably hard. But a choice, nonetheless.

-Balance. Ready for more from that book I read? Kdeal. (Anne Michaels--Fugitive Pieces)
"It's a mistake to think it's the small things we control and not the large, it's the other way around! We can't stop the small accident, the tiny detail that conspires into fate: the extra moment you run back for something forgotten, a moment that saves you from an accident--or causes one. But we can assert the largest order, the large human values daily, the only order large enough to see."

Funny, cuz I feel like I frequently hear things like, "Just take care of the small things" or "it's the little things that matter."
To which I say: yes.
I think when we freak out worrying about little things we miss their point. And we probably miss a lot of them. But when we put the big-picture, important things first...the little things seem to stem from that.

(Slightly ugly picture. But doesn't it take you back to that object lesson from your youth??)

-What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!
Yeah. No. Yeahno?
Obviously this phrase isn't 100% accurate...but aside from this song being stuck in my head, today I've really been thinking a lot about who I am as a person as a result of life thus far.
Decisions that have changed me. People who have changed me.
I've probably brought a lot of the hard times on myself..but today I just feel ultra grateful for the strength to move onward and upward.


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