Jun 17, 2012

The Papa!

Something I have loved since I can remember is a classic: Les Miserables!

Got that from mah padre :) 

When I was little, we'd watch the musical together. 
Later on, he told me how wonderful the book is (despite it's gigantism), 
so I fell in love with that next.

So yeah. Pretty much love all things Les Mis.

Which is a good representation of what I think about my dad:
he inspires me!

He thinks a lot. I like thinking with him. 

He works particularly hard--not sure I could ever work as hard as him!

He is a very sweet, sincere, man.

Something that particularly impacts my life is that I was raised in a household where I was born to fly! Whatever I wanted to do in life, I knew I could live my own life.  I love my family SO MUCH (and would love to see them a whole ton more); I also have personal dreams--to pursue, trip over, and achieve.

Great guy. I hope I can be more like him someday. Someday :)

Happy Father's day!


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