Jun 18, 2012


How fast do you think you can fall in love?

                               All it takes is

                           one split second.   

Found that out for sure last summer, meeting some amazing kids in Ukraine.

I've been waiting to have the pictures to back up this blog post for awhile, so I'm very excited!

I know these won't mean as much to you, but bear with me as I share a ton of pictures that make my heart melt!

 First arriving at the orphanage, they were running sack races. I joined in the cheering and got a kiss blown at me!

On the tour, some of the bedrooms.

 The boy on the right is, without a doubt, the sweetest guy I have ever met in my life.
Punching balloons!

For once in my life, being terrible at frisbee came in handy..they sure got a kick out of it :)

:) :)

 The "gatekeeper" who would always greet us!

 Our daily lunch

 The orphanage

 The kids liked to take over as photographer (and yes, my camera survived ha)
 Love him. Such a sweetie!



 :) :)
(Smileys faces are the real caption for all of these pictures I decided ha)
 ! :)

 More bubbles!
 Man! Can I tell you how awesome these guys are??
 He always reminded me of someone, but I couldn't quite place it!

 Posing :)

 Yeah...that is how bad I am at frisbee...haha ok, not my fault, but still

:) :)

 Watching from the window when we came the second day
 10 year old sweetheart

 They all helped take care of each other!

Stretching out in the sunshine

 Ah! Such a sweet guy! (Is there an echo?)

 Made friends with the handymen ;)

 Showing off their pets :)
 This kid was so great at English! Way better than my Russian for sure. Our conversations took many gestures ha, but were quite fun
 Pals :)
 How they were learning English
 Showing me their artwork
 Up high! Down low!

 New artwork! :)

 We drew for a long time ha
 He gave me a flower! :)

 Wanted a picture taken..
..Told him to pose; you know me; I can't accept a completely normal picture :)

 Showing off their muscles :)
 So sad saying goodbye to him :(
 More animals!
 They drew pictures :)
And, finally, heading out the gate. Something I REALLY hated doing.

So...I'm looking for this cool thing where two far away places can suddenly become super close without costing any money. If anybody has any breakthroughs, keep me posted. Cuz I quite miss these kids! Just a few short days with them, but they still make my whole heart smile!

Life is good, eh? 


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