Jun 28, 2012

Dancing Awake

The contrasting ideas behind these two songs intrigue me:

Garth Brook's The Dance says,

"I could have missed the pain, but I'd of had to miss the dance...
Now I'm glad I didn't know the way it all would end, the way it all would go. Our lives are better left to chance.
I could have missed the pain. 
But I'd of had to miss the dance."


Katy Perry's Wide Awake says,

"I wish I knew then what I know now. 
Wouldn't dive in, wouldn't bow down.
 Gravity hurts, you made it so sweet, til I woke up on the concrete. Falling from cloud nine....God knows that I tried seeing the bright side. But I'm not blind anymore...I'm wide awake."


We can't stop dancing cuz we are scared of the pain. But it can be scary when you see many people who are wide awake!

Which reminds me of another thought going through my mind lately...where is the line between self-advocacy and selfishness?

More ponderings than answers today. But life is good y'all.


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