Jan 17, 2012

For better or for worse

This is a really random post. You've been warned. 

Technology changes how we live.

Is that for better or for worse?
Probably both.

Better: with technology you can do practically anything virtually.

It isn't always the same thing though.

I had a class that talked about the "prana" of things. Meaning the life or essence of them. It was pointed out that technology can detract from the prana. Does that make any sense at all? 

For example:

Is wii tennis the same as a real match? (Don't ask why I used tennis as an example. I've sucked at tennis all three times I've played ha.)
Same motions, right?

Is looking at a picture of the sunset on the beach the same as seeing it for yourself in real life?

There is definitely a difference between reality and a virtual/simulation version.

Technology can often enhance our experience of reality though!
For examples, new inventions can bring better equipment
     (e.g. more efficient boats, more comfortable hiking boots, better guns, stronger climbing ropes, whatever)

Does that ever go too far for your taste?
(Does technology make things so easy that it takes the sport/challenge out of it?)

Where is your "technological line"?

Logical or not, one that comes to mind for me is reading books. I quite enjoy reading them non-technologically. 
(But! I love reading online for research-purposes. Research papers make me quite grateful that some books are online.)

I can't quite put my finger on why I like reading paper books. Holding the book? Physically turning the pages?


Like I said, random post. 


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