Jan 7, 2012

Break down to Build up

"I figured it out now, breaking's what the heart is for."

The other day I was walking home from class and the All American Rejects song "Breakin'" shuffled its lovely emo way onto my ipod.

Kinda funny--earlier that night, in my physiology class, our teacher was talking about breaking down muscles. You know, you work them and they are torn and they build back up. So you get stronger.
My phys teacher pointed out that cardiac muscle is no different--people who exercise (thus working their hearts) a lot are making their hearts stronger.

You are probably anticipating the easy connection I am about to make to life.

Things that push us to our limits--or past our limits--feel like they are tearing us apart sometimes.
We can decide to become stronger from situations that are hard.

Breaking's what the heart is for? That song didn't seem so emo when I connected that thought to becoming stronger.


I decided to take a Romanian class.

I realize that isn't exactly a commonly-needed language skill...but I can't tell you how excited I am!!!
It is ok if it isn't practical. It is fun and I love it already ha!

Guess what? You probably already know a Romanian song :)



  1. Hey. I love you. Loads. And I love your blog as well :)

  2. Hey. Thanks! I love you too. Loads. And you should blog again cuz I like reading yours, too ;)