Jan 22, 2013

Living With Questions

Today on campus there was a forum by a man named Dr. Michael Wesch--twas super good!!!

I'll post it when that is available.

He had a lot of really good things to say--one of my favorite takeaways is that we should live with questions. In other words, learning is usually facilitated when you really want to understand something better.

Better learning=better actions.

When you live with questions you want to experience the world;
 living itself feels like a celebration. 

Keep wonder in your world!

We are interested in different things, but our wonder and desire to learn helps us connect to each other and see the value in everything and everyone.

Life is an action, something you can get better at.


I'm reminded of Dr. Palmer--my Social Recreation teacher last semester. He was great at reminding us that as we grow up, we don't have to be boring. We can enjoy life just as much--or more than kids! Keep having fun! Keep your sense of wonder! :)


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