Jan 21, 2013


I just have to get this off my chest:

I am awful at remembering birthdays. This leads me to waaaay over-think facebook haha :)

Let me show you why:

         Good ol' FB is fantastic because I can see when people's birthdays are!
                  The problem?
         Since I am not on FB everyday I get paranoid that I missed somebody's birthday

(You can tell how depressing and serious of a problem this post is going to address)

I used to have the philosophy that if I knew someone well enough to be FB friends, then I was good enough friends to at least leave a generic "Happy birthday!" on their wall. 
          Now I tend to work the opposite way ha...I rarely tell anybody happy birthday.

Over-thinking: what if I tell some distant friend happy birthday then forget to wish somebody significant to me happy birthday??

(Of course if they are truly significant, I will probably offer more than a generic "happy birthday." )

But what about those in-between people who you want to keep up with, but don't know well enough to have their phone number?


There you go. A glimpse into my oh-so-conflicted self ;) And an apology, to everybody I ought to have wished happy birthday. Happy birthday. 

Hopefully when your birthday comes around I will release my mind from over-analyzing such a simple thing and wish you a more personal happy birthday :)


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