Oct 24, 2012


"The true meaning of being alive is not just to feel happy, but to experience the full range of human emotions...

Being integrated and autonomous means allowing oneself to [fully experience] emotions--all the motions--and then deciding what to do with them."

~Why We Do What We Do by Edward L. Deci

Growing up, I just didn't understand semi-sweet chocolate chips. If you're gonna make cookies, why would you do something to give them any hint of bitterness? (You can tell I'm not a dark chocolate kinda gal.)

Sometimes I think about life like I think about cookies (whoa, you weren't quit prepared for such a deep statement ;) eh?)

Throw out the dang bitterness, sadness, or hurt. Just a milk chocolate life.

Then again, sadness can be cathartic. Call me crazy, but I usually like sad songs and sad movies. I guess it awakens the sense of humanity in me. Gets me thinking.

It isn't hypocritical to feel happy and sad about something.
It's just life. Oh, this good ol' life ha.

Today is a semi-sweet kinda day.

Little bit sad, lots bit sweet.

Most days I'll opt for milk chocolate, but I'll take life any way I can get it!


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  1. Your posts are so incredibly thought-provoking. ....unlike you, I love dark chocolate :) but I believe I prefer semi-sweet in my cookies because it balances everything out; the sweet of the cookie can be fully appreciated. Milk chocolate makes all the sweetness blend together, sometimes to overload proportions. Thank you for helping me see life like a cookie! And thank you for being the sweet-cookie part of life. Love you! And I love your thoughts on your blog!