Oct 10, 2012

One of Those

Today was "one of those days."
Nothing bad happened. I just felt like it did.

Funny, considering I was so pumped about an optimism class I had the day before.

I had also filled my journal and it was time to start my new one.

I wanted to vent about my day and my thoughts....but it was a new journal (covered in peace signs no less)!

Venting didn't seem like a very pleasant way to start out.

But I couldn't lie, and I wanted to write, so I let it all out. Then I had a thought!

Just like it seemed strange to start my journal off right there, I was reminded that no matter how well we know people, we are really coming in partway in to their story.

We don't know what experiences have played into their expectations or hopes or fears or anger.

Which leads me to two more thoughts:

1) Cutting people slack is a really good thing. Oh how clueless we are ha.

2) Thank God that He is our constant friend because He does understand.

(P.S. world--I feel fantastic again. Just so ya know ;))


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