Sep 9, 2012


"Fanaticism consists in redoubling your effort when you have forgotten your aim." George Santayana

Hearing things like this, and seeing people who act like this, has made me cautious about asserting my opinions.
(Funny to say that on a blog where all I do is spout my opinions ha)

And yet, I've also been told that I am one stubborn individual! :)

So...on my mind tonight is the difference between being
and being 
bold/courageous or sticking-to-your-guns when it matters. 

Grounded AND open-minded.

I think that people want to be good. I think that a lot of the mistakes we make come from people trying to do something good, and taking that too far or mistakenly running with a twisted version of a good idea.

Listening to Jeffrey R. Holland speak tonight cleared some of this up for me.

I feel emboldened, but not in a rampage (slash get-in-other-people's-grill) kinda way.

I feel reminded that to be bold means standing firm on what you know is true and loving those who view things differently. It means being open to learning and integrating truth.

It means when you are making a point or supporting a cause, it is not to prove yourself right or appear superior. It is to help others. To love others!


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