Aug 30, 2012

The Chair

School started again! And I just got an email about applying for graduation. When did I get so old, sonny? But I still feel like a young whippersnapper :)

First day of school=stress, stress, stress!

Everything I needed to do and will need to do in the upcoming future really hit me.

Then I went to back to class. And I was reminded that life is good :) Following a few classes that were quite inspirational (and helped me refocus my perspective about school and jobs and people and life), I went to a class where the teacher showed us a few little videos of things they did in New Zealand.

This did two things for me:

1. Made me remember that life is an adventure! You gotta put in the work, but you can't forget to play and be happy :)

2. Made me REALLLLY want to go to New Zealand and try some of these things ha! Still waiting on that billionaire to randomly pick me as an heir.

Blackwater Rafting in Glowworm Cave
("Do not pee in the wetsuits!" haha :)
Plus the old guy in the video kinda cracks me up)


Rotorua Whitewater Sledging
(Like a kickboard on steroids)

Canyon Swing Queenstown--"The Chair"

Whether or not these things are in my near future, it was a breath of fresh air to remember how fun life is!

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