Sep 26, 2012

Moments Like This

I stand in awe of human potential.

I feel encompassed and surrounded and strengthened by the power of love and hope.

I am humbled by the tumbles of much pain everywhere...
                         ...yet so much goodness.

So much more yet to come.

We're all finding our way. I don't think we'll ever stop feeling like that.

But there is joy in this journey. Rainbows waiting to peek through the clouds.

I feel aware of an ever-present ..
                     (oh, what's the word?)

Does love cover it?

It is so easy to feel alone and sub-par. But don't give up.

We have time, if we use it. Just keep swimming :)

There was a time when I felt this awe--everything I just said--whenever I thought about the potential of others, then turn around silently despaired when my thoughts turned to myself. Hope for the world, for others, but none for myself. I just wasn't good enough. Everyone was worth loving, but how could I be?

So.....I realize being happy isn't a matter of just making the simple decision to see life through rose-colored glasses.

But I wish I could show the world the difference you feel when you can feel that love and hope for others AND for yourself.

I wish I could give that to people as easy as giving them a smile. 

A dear friend recently shared a thought with me by Longfellow:
"If we could read the secret histories of others we would find pain and sorrow enough to disarm all hostility."

Pain, by contrast, can highlight love and hope.


Life is crazy. People are worth it.



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    1. Why are you up at 4 in the morning you crazy man??
      I really wrote this after a dang good conversation with a roommate--I had that kinda love on the brain ha.
      But yes, actually :)