Dec 6, 2011

A Blender Full of People

Many times I find myself amazed at how similar everyone is. 
We all struggle with similar emotions, whether we find ourselves as 

a (insert any label/description of a person)

a college student sitting on her couch typing this instead of her research paper (whaaat?)

Realizing our similarities can sometimes bring epiphany-like moments; you realize how silly all of your judgments are and can love people more!

It reminds me of a David Cook song that says,
"These scars we wear remind us
the more we change, the more we're all the same."

(I believe that. The more I grow up and change, the more I can love other people! I think part of that is because I understand them better. I get how they could make a certain mistake--cuz I've made it too now, or thought similarly.)


Though we are equally valuable (and we MUST remember that!) we are not all the same. 
And that is so great :)

The variety makes life so much better! 
Think of a beautiful salad.
Now mentally stick it in a blender.
This method will work if you're recovering from mouth/throat surgery, but let's face it:
the different parts make the salad great!

Reminds me of a poster I see a lot at school that says:
The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

(This poster has a picture of a rather unattractive butterfly. But we'll forgive it for the sake of its beautiful message.)

I am not the same as you.
But we can respect and appreciate each other despite that.
Heck, we can even enjoy the differences!



  1. Could you explain the poster quote. I don't understand what it's trying to say.

  2. Hmmm.
    Like...a body is more than just a big pile of organs and bones and skin.
    A house is more than a bunch of bricks and wood and nails.
    Like a couple is more than just two individuals.
    When all the parts come together, the combination is what makes it great.

    I'm kinda an inarticulate person...did that make any sense?

  3. that is so awesome. i like it. thanks for the explanation.