Feb 6, 2013


The other day I had an epiphany.

When I get married I'll be paying to legally change my name...at which time who says I can't change more than my last name?? ;)

Now...having been called Haley my whole life, I'm pretty attached to that ha, but I might be down to give middle names a go!

A nurse I work with and I discussed that if my middle name started with an I, my initials would be HIK......so maybe I won't go down that road.

However, if my middle name starts with an L, my initials would be HLK! (Hulk, get it?) :) I could live with that :)

Or I could always go from Haley Freakin Haws to Haley Freakin Kilmer.

Or maybe I'll just do the normal thing and change my last name.

We'll see. Until that point, let me know if you have any cool name suggestions!

P.S. I know these are old, but I love them :)


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