Sep 15, 2011


Guess what?
People are important.

I know. In the grand scheme of things it is very easy to feel very insignificant. Admittedly, our sphere of influence is probably very small. But who said an influence had to be far-reaching or dramatic to be important?

In fact, if you think like that, it is a small jump to conclude that everything is purposeless and pointless. Sure, individuals play a role among mankind; what makes that important?  Who says the human race matters at all?

My opinion:
Don't go down that road. 

When we stop worrying about whether our efforts matter, and concentrate on working our hardest for what we believe is good (such as self-improvement and helping others), meaning and purpose finds its way into your actions and your life. 

I think it is good to evaluate (and re-evaluate) what we do, to make sure our motivations are good and the results we are getting match that purpose. If what you are doing is pointless, then it isn't worth pursuing. 

And now we're back to the beginning of the circle.

Is anything worth pursuing? 

I say yes. 

Maybe all we can do is try to step out of the circle. "Stepping out" meaning having the the courage (or faith, or however you want to phrase "it") to decide you believe something is important and working to secure/improve that. 

I'm rambling. (oops) :) 

So here is the nutshell:

When you believe that nothing matters, that thought can weigh on you til-in submission-you stop trying to work towards anything or you decide to purely pursue frivolous things. I think as we stop worrying about that,  we find out that there is purpose. 

People don't matter if you think in a worldly kind of logical way...yet they (meaning WE) are all that matter.  


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