Sep 29, 2011

Decisions, decisions

Isn't it funny how we can simultaneously

resist the thought of other people/organizations making decisions for us AND

wish we didn’t have to choose?

We all live under laws/rules/commandments/whatever you want to call them. 
     Something telling you what is good to do.

These laws are often very specific about certain expectations. 
Do this. Don’t do that.

How strictly we interpret and live up to that law is often up to us. 

Which is great!

It doesn’t always feel so great :) When I am exasperated from struggling between two-or more-alternatives that seem attractive in their own ways, I find myself thinking that life would be easier if everything were spelled out for us.

What if I choose wrong and miss out on a great opportunity?

Well. I guess delaying decisions doesn’t help me take advantage of awesome opportunities, does it?

Definitely we should think things through before we make choices (usually. Ha! Some things are more fun when they erupt spontaneously)…but today I got a great reminder that CHOICES are fabulous!

They are well-worth the struggles we go through to make them.


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  1. Hmmmm. I'm lovin your blog already hun.

    u r gonna b a gr8t mom someday.