Aug 28, 2011


I'm really glad I got to live at home this summer; I love my family! They are all so fantastic :) 
(Don't let the rest of this thought cheapen what I just said.)


College town: traffic, figuring out what the heck to eat, walking to campus (and feeling older as the freshmen seem younger than in the past), incredible roommates, reorganizing your stuff, new goals, friends, spontaneously staying up way too late, cool classes, possibilities, etc. It is invigorating. 

(Random experience that made my day:) Whilst driving to Provo, I passed a middle-aged man on the freeway. He had his window down and was rolling the air around on his hand, enjoying the day. I smiled at him. He saw me and smiled back!
I kept driving, then I rolled down my own window, turned up my music, and grinned to the world. I was coming back!

Also, I took the cube test today. Ever heard of it?

-Tonight, I saw a zillion and three stars :) :) :)
-Tonight I saw the COOLEST CLOUDS (clouds fascinate me in a they-freak-me-out kinda way: they don't look real)
-And tonight the sky unleashed the craziest lightning/rain storm!
Have I ever mentioned that the sky is one of the most soul-stopping, awe-inspiring, heart-warming things in my life? 
In addition to being stunningly lovely, the sky makes a great canvas for your thoughts. Staring upwards somehow adds the touch of eternity to anything that is weighing you down, or simply drifting through your mind. 

(What is drifting through my mind at this second is that I need to get up for work in five hours and should probably go to sleep)


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