Mar 21, 2013


Guess what! I'm taking a mountain biking class now! (I ride with the slow--ahem, I mean fun--group.)
It is a blast! In a challenging sorta way ha.

Wanna hear one of those life lessons random activities can throw atcha? :)
I thought you might ;)

When we were approaching a part with a lot of twisty downhills, our teacher told us,
"Now don't look where you don't want to go.
If there is a rock you want to miss, don't stare at it. 
Look ahead, where you want to be."

(I admit, I really didn't think it was impossible to conquer some of the up-hills we went on ha. 
But we did!
No, this isn't a pic from the class. Tis a random one, courtesy of google) :)

Ya catching my drift? If there is something you are working on in life, don't concentrate on the ways you can fail. Don't stare at habits you want to stop. 

Like they say in rehab for people with addictions--you can't just stop your habit, you have to replace it with something good.

Such is life, eh? :) Focus on the good. Look ahead, where you want to be. 

You might just hit less rocks :)

P.S. Today is a country music night for me :)

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