Jul 22, 2012


First off, I've had this song stuck in my head for the past week or so ha! (I shared this song with my old people and some of them recognized it and swayed along with me as I washed dishes! :) Twas great)

Also, I found this extremely random, yet a couple of the lines really intrigued me...

The Ghazal of What Hurt by Peter Cole
(PS a ghazal is an "oriental lyric...poetry written in recurring lines."
shrug ha. sounds like a type of bird to me!)

"Pain froze you, for years--and fear--leaving scars.
But now, as though miraculously, it seems, here you are

walking easily across the ground, and into town
as though you were floating on air, which in part you are,

or riding a wave of what feels like the world's good will--
though helped along by something foreign and older than you are,

not all that far beneath the skin, and even in
some bones. Making you wonder: Are you what you are--

with all that isn't actually you having flowed
through and settled in you, & made you what you are?

The pain was never replaced, nor was it quite erased.
It's a memory now--so you know just how lucky you are.

You didn't always. Were you then? And where's the fear?
Inside your words, like an engine? The car you are?!

Face it, friend, you most exist when you're driven
away, or on--by forms and forces greater than you are."

Makes me wonder ha.


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