Nov 13, 2011

Join the Jollies

I had a fabulous mini-conversation the other day whilst at work (at an Assisted Living). I was told:

"When I was younger, I saw some old people who just sat around and were glum all day. Then there were others who kept cheerful and as busy as they could. 
Right then and there, I decided I'd join the jollies."

Haha! How great is that?! 

Another gentleman is always slipping people candy to thank them for their help, and looking for little ways to help out.

Awesome examples all around me help me see the kind of person I want to be!

For starters, I want to be the kind of person who...

...stops at lemonade stands
...shows appreciation for others' efforts (even when they are getting paid for it)
...finds a good balance between being productive and slowing down to have fun
...doesn't ever stop wanting to learn
...randomly decides to whip up fun treats to deliver to whoever open to new foods (gulp, seafood :P ) always looking for ways to be kinder
...etc, etc

The list continues, but those things stick out in my mind right now, based on awesome qualities I've seen in others lately.

Awhile ago, I realized if I want to be this kind of person when I'm older, I need to start becoming this person now! 

I want to join the jollies 


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